About The Page

I think the first thing I will share with you is that I have always had trouble writing about myself. Actually, I have always had trouble writing in general. Until I started writing our story, I was convinced I hated writing – as it turns out, that is not true. Maybe it is because I have a very conversational writing style, which was not acceptable in school, so I always struggled.

My name is Cristina, and perfectly unplanned is my baby. For so long I joked – okay half joked – about writing the story of what my husband and I had to go through to be together. One day, on a road trip, my husband, Matt, and I, started talking about doing a fitness Instagram page. Well, I am very type A and that quickly turned into fitness, our lives, our story, and just like that the blog was born.

About Us

No truer words have ever been spoken then “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” Our lives to this point have been so perfectly unplanned. Since childhood I knew exactly what I wanted for my life, down to how many kids, what my career would be, how old I would be when I achieved certain goals – When my husband came into my life, I could have never imagined how absolutely none of those plans would happen in the way I had thought. Our life has been perfect chaos and honestly, we wouldn’t trade it for anything. If I could go back and do things differently, I would not.

Our story is one that some people refer to as a soap opera, others as a fairytale – I would never refer to what we have gone through as a fairytale. It was the hardest thing I have had to endure to this point in my life.

In 2012, after dating for about six months, I took Matt, my then boyfriend, on a cruise for his 25th birthday. Neither one of us expected that when those few days of bliss reached an end he would be denied entry to the United States and removed to Brazil, a country where he had not lived for ten years and no longer had ties.

Matt is back, we work for a start-up company together, and are pretty much together all the time. Of course our lives continue to be perfectly unplanned. Through this page we will be sharing our crazy chaotic lives as we try to get healthy, get organized, and I finally start to tell our story.